ARCHBISHOP JASON POLLAND began composing and recording music in 1988.

He became vegan in 1997, to stop harming animals.

He became a hermit in 2012, and now lives in seclusion.

His 21'st century American life is primarily devoted to art and music research.

Musical projects in chronological order:

Mental Rental (the novelty band) ~ 1988-1998
Archbishop Jason Polland (the prehumous ghost) ~ 1991-2017
Used (the punk band)
~ 1995-1996; 1997 reunion show; 1999 reunion album
The Nourishment (the rock band) ~ 1998-2003; 2006 reunion show; 2007 reunion show
New Big Black Mr. Super-Soul Bad Sugar Man (the techno band) ~ 1999-2001
Plague Party (the folk band) ~ 2008-2011

Archbishop Jason Polland, circa 2014.

All Materials Copyright 1995-2017 Jason Polland.

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