ARCHBISHOP JASON POLLAND began composing and recording music in 1988.

He became vegan in 1997, to stop harming animals.

His 21'st century American life is primarily devoted to art and music research,
and characterized by poverty and isolation.

Musical projects in chronological order:

Mental Rental (the novelty band) ~ 1988-1998
Archbishop Jason Polland (the prehumous ghost) ~ 1991-2017
Used (the punk band)
~ 1995-1996; 1997 reunion show; 1999 reunion album
The Nourishment (the rock band) ~ 1998-2003; 2006 reunion show; 2007 reunion show
New Big Black Mr. Super-Soul Bad Sugar Man (the techno band) ~ 1999-2001
Plague Party (the folk band) ~ 2008-2011

Archbishop Jason Polland, circa early 21'st Century

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