Archbishop Jason Polland - "Apocalypse Lemon"
(BNW 001 - 1996)

Anton Quentin Burke / Don't / The Milkman Always Knows / Cautious Neurons (He Screamed Inside) /
Interlude For Everyone / Announcement of the High Starkeeper / The Prize Trophy / Creatures That Care /
Short-Circuit Holocaust / 3.14 Arabian Nights / Discipline Your Food / Duet of the Madman

(Guest Musician on "Short-Circuit Holocaust": Mr. Shawn Sagady)

Download the complete album in 320 kbps MP3 format:
Apocalypse Lemon (ZIP FILE)

Click above to view "The Milkman Always Knows" music video from 1995.

All Materials Copyright 1995-2010 Jason Polland.

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