Used - "The Grand Cacophony"
(BNW 013 - 1999)

The Grand Cacophony

(Collaborators: Jason Polland and Dan Weiss)

Download the complete album in mp3 format:
The Grand Cacophony (ZIP FILE)


Used consisted of Jason Polland and Dan Weiss, on keyboards and guitar, respectively.
Also in the band were the Holy Used Pillow, their spiritual leader; and Monkey Adams, their financial advisor.

They existed for a year and a half in the Bubbleville underground (March 1995 - November 1996),
playing a total of six shows and releasing a total of four tapes. There was a reunion performance in June 1997.

In June 1999, Used recorded a spontaneous live document entitled The Grand Cacophony.
It is one hour and thirty-eight minutes long, and was never intended for release.

Although the "Cacophony" is one continuous piece, it is offered here in two halves
for the convenience of those wishing to burn this release onto CD.

All Materials Copyright 1995-2010 Jason Polland.

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