The Nourishment - "Burritos"
(BNW 017 - 2007)

Tortillas / Black Beans / Potatoes (with Olive Oil) / Soy Chorizo / Avocado / Tomatoes / Chili Peppers / Salsa

(Collaborators: Jason Polland and Joe Tepperman)

In The Studio - The "Making Of" Burritos, May 11, 2007


In May 2007, The Nourishment released a project called "Burritos" in a limited edition of six unnumbered, hand-made copies.

Spirits were high upon completion of the project and everyone was very satisfied with the results.

"I think we're really on to something here," Jason Polland commented at the release party. "I feel really good about the new direction the band is going with this one."

Joe Tepperman also made the statement that "[Burritos] is perhaps the greatest accomplishment of the group to date."

There was also talk of releasing a remix of the project, tentatively entitled "Excrement," but these plans were cancelled.

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