Archbishop Jason Polland - "The Doll Twins"
(BNW 020 - 2005)

Love Is Just Around The Corner / Magical Dollgirls / Party Time!

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Hey, Nectarina!
I heard that love is just around the corner
Oh really? We should go see what it looks like
Let's go!

Have you ever been in love?
Um, perhaps, a little bit, a long time ago...
Have you ever been in love?
I don't know; don't ask me that, it's embarrassing!

Love is the kiss that dries out your lips
Love is the spider who sits in his web
Love is the kitten asleep in my lap
Love is the clammy black sheets on my bed
Love is the stray strand of light-purple hair
Love is feeling your warmth through the plastic
Love is the Platypus safe in his pond
Love is the gauze that's wrapped around my head

Love, love, love is around the corner
It's lurking, waiting for you

When the snow falls on my face, and the cold freezes time itself
You appear, and take me by the hand
Suddenly, all the greys are greyer, all the ice is icier
And I know it must be love

Love, love, love is around the corner
It's searching, waiting for you
Look out, it's coming!

You're my secret friend
You're my special friend
I like you
I like you, too
Do you want to play with me?
Let's dress up!
Yes, we will be perfect dolls!

Are you okay?
The bandages are so tight
Do you need me to loosen them?
No, I like them tight

I love the smell of lycra
Yes, me too
Your pink hair is so beautiful
Your eyes are so pretty
You should wear this hat
You should wear these tights
We are perfect dolls!
I want to be patted and held
I will pat and hold you
I want kisses
I will kiss you

We are magical girls in our secret world
We are happy girls in our perfect world

We can party while the world goes up in flames
Hermetically-sealed party, we don't need anybody
Everyone ignores the signs until it is too late
The end is near, the end is here

We can party while the world goes up in flames
We don't need your world, we're happy in ours
We're two dolls who like to dance, hold hands
And wrap our heads in plastic

I have sunk into the abyss of love
I am drowning in the mire of love

We have nary a care in the whole world
Meteors of love fill the summer sky
We will be cleansed by the shattering impact
Meteors of love raining from the sky

We are cute and we have fun, *kiss kiss*
Dolls that sing for everyone, la la
Comets falling from the sky, mmm-hmm
How they glitter in my eye, ooh-ahh

Eating cupcakes while the continents shake
Playing hopscotch as leviathans awake
Let's play jacks before the sidewalks submerge
And then it's party time!

Armageddon smells funny...
The apocalypse is stinky, ha ha!

Flaming glyphs appearing in the mud
And the stars extinguish, one by one
The world is ending, but we don't mind
We will giggle, and throw rocks

Why are you plagued by so many questions?
Inquiries and notions torment your mind
Don't waste your whole life wondering why
You'd be better off demanding fun!

All Materials Copyright 1995-2010 Jason Polland.

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