King Of World

CD, Do The Dewn't Compact Discs & Industrial Lubricants, 2014

Bark Obama (The Dog) / Vladimeerkat Putin (The Suricate) / Swim Jong Un (The Fish) / Adolphin Hitler (The Porpoise) / Shinzo Abeetle (The Coleoptera) / Xi Jinpenguin (The Bird) / The Flying Buttress Of My Heart / Slap That Spare Tire / Bedbugs Do It Best
Emit Perennial Noises (Live 2009)

CD / 2x7", Gold Ear Manufactory, 2009

Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Louie Louie / Wooly Bully
I Ate My Young

CD, Country-Time Gravy, 2008

I Wish I Were An Oscar Meyer Nazi / The Boy With The Golden Vehicle Registration Card / I Ate My Young / Disable My Lascivious Eyebrows / The Wrong Bronchial Tube (For Lovin') / Gelatinous Love / Monotonic Wail / Languishing Forearms / Do The Duck Waddle (MC Brighton Beach Megamix) / Test Tube For Two / Morgan Freeman And Friends / Some Like It Hot... But I Don't / Schnoodle, Seek Your Dignity
Riding The Daddy Mobile

Vinyl LP, Christoff Entertainments, 2007

Riding The Daddy Mobile (Part I) / Riding The Daddy Mobile (Part II) / Epilogue
Foreign Lesion

CD, Christoff Entertainments, 2007

Big Pimpin' In Da Poolhall / Dumptruck Woman / Gentlemen Prefer Starched Collars / Bitches Be Ironing / Sunny College Days / Mr. Ballfoot Files His State Income Tax / Chafe The Unwilling / The Five Ducks Earned Their Class B Licenses And Burst Into Flame / Grandpa Blurts / My Blurry Love Confection / Who Used Up All The Lust? / Dunkin' Potatoes / Touch It And See / The Dickety Dippy Doo Waltz / You Can't Reason With That Thing / Dance The Mr. Schnelling Way / Rump Rumba / Boiling Blood Polka (My Turnip!) / Duck And Cover For Jesus / Flaming Bottom Part
More Peanut Brittle

CD, Rock The House Recordings, 2006

More Peanut Brittle / More Butterscotch / More Toffee / More Ribbon Candy / More Circus Peanuts / More Peppermints / More Salt-Water Taffy / More Licorice / More Caramel Corn / More Gumdrops / More Petit Fours / I Don't Care If Your Hand Is Tired
Does It Burn?

Vinyl EP, Speciality Tonga Discs, 2006

Doing The Proposition 203 Rag / Oh Unwilling Servant Of The Lord, How I Long For Your Golden Trusses / The Nacho Cheese Polka
Dude, Who Farted?

CD, Rock The House Recordings, 2005

Plastinatin' Love / Cotton Candy Metaphor About Girls / Once You Reach 40, You'll Let Me Do It / Roller-Skating Minor / A Wrinkle In Food / Itsy Bitsy Salmonella / Ooh Girl, Plug In The Rock Tumbler / Soft-Serve Summertime Love / (Callin' My Baby) Smelly Belly / Springtime Smoochin' / Heartstrings And Snot / Ye Olde Pizza Parlour / (Don'tcha Wanna Go In) The Parking Garage? / New Pope On An Old Grey Mare / Frettin' Over Eggs
Hello Sunshine, It's Me, Mr. Rudolphsky

CD-EP, Global Music Publishing, 2003

Hello Sunshine, It's Me, Mr. Rudolphsky / Walkin' The Talk / I Swallowed Your Nailclippers Again / Hello, Sunshine, It's Me, Elanor Rigby The Dog / Those Darn Blue-Eyed Dames / Rapping With The Kids / The Oligopoly Of Love / Whoops, I Smeared It All Over The Wall / Johnny Pinkerton's Rat
My Apricot

CD Single, Phat-Bow El-Discs, 2001

My Apricot / Doctor Smellgood's Autumnal Rash / My Apricot (Club Mix) / My Apricot (Extended Version) / My Apricot (Apricotic Mix) / My Apricot (Uninteresting Variation) / Blueberry Pie Eating Contest Blues
What Is This Thing... Called Love?

CD, Colostomania Records, 2000

What Is This Thing... Called Love? / Just Poopin' Around / Why Do You Hate Me? / Wacky Wino / Jumping For Fertility / Rip My Arterial Walls / Kiss My Secret Trash Recepticle / What Is This Thing... Called Dwight D. Eisenhower? / Lick My Bar Code / Part-Time Lover / Drink Up, There's Plenty More Where That Came From / What Is This Thing... Called Intestinal Bypass Surgery?
What Is This Thing?

CD-EP, Colostomania Records, 1999

Trying To Write / My Garden / When You Touch Me / A Public Service Announcement / Come, My Darling / The Deeds Of Man / Testing One, Two, Three
But I Was So Hungry!

CD, Colostomania Records, 1997

Stop Hitting Me There / But I Was So Hungry! / That's The Wrong Hole / Your Playful Pal / Croonin' Crapper / Swing With Me / Chasm Of Desire / Why Does It Smell Like That? / Those Kooky Kids Today / Thoraxial Love / Just Wastin' Away Over You
Here We Go Again

CD, Abdominal Records, 1994

Here We Go Again / The Ballad Of Stinky Peterson / Not Tonight, I've Got Cerebral Palsy / Wind Up The Waffles / Slap-Happy For You / It Hurts When I Swallow / The Magical Ferret Coven / Winkin' At Pretty Girls / For God's Sakes, Touch Me / I'm Just Crazy About My Roth-IRA / Lovin' You Just For Kicks / What's That Sharp Part For? / Here We Go Again (reprise)
Guide That Love On Over Here

CD, Entropy Entertainment, 1993

Five-Step Love Solution / Rickety Heart / Guide That Love On Over Here / Press My Glands / The Bumpty Prance / Ambassador Of Kisses / Thinking 'Bout You During Detox / Don't Rip It, I Just Bought It / Do The Wombat Stomp / Tickle My Fancy Feast / Awesome Stench / We Can Do This The Easy Way, Or We Can Do This The Hard Way / Bite My Casserole
Big Sack Of Kisses

CD-EP, C.B. Records, 1992

Big Sack Of Kisses / It Takes A Little Tenderizer / Got You Stuck Between My Teeth / Kiddin' Around With My Honeypie / Are You Going To Hurt Me? / Leaping Llamas / Kiddin' Around With My Mincemeat Pie / Big Sack Of Kisses (instrumental)
Love Factory

CD, C.B. Records, 1990

Love Factory / You've Got What I Want For Breakfast / Rolling And Rolling / Don't Slip In The Corner / Why Can't You Be My Gal? / Look, Up In The Sky, It's Tenderness / Stroke My Gentle Ego / You N' Me, Together Forever, Or Else / Pickle Madness / Just The Two Of Them / Scorching Love / The Postman Rings Thrice / Kill Everybody / Shootin' The Sh*t With Gramps / Love Factory (12" dance remix)
Yeah, You Keep Doing That

CD Single, C.B. Records, 1989

Yeah, You Keep Doing That / Kickin' The Can With You / Love Takes A Holiday (In My Pants)

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