Winifred is the lead singer of Urethra Franklin, as well as their auxiliary percussionist. A force to be reckoned with, Winifred has toured his neighborhood extensively performing what he refers to as his "glistening rock music show".

Winifred enjoys cheeseburgers, reading Sassy magazine, and his favorite number is 31.

Thurston is the songwriter for the group, and he also knows how to play a mean vibraphone. Without his guidence and support during the rough years, the album "Guide That Love On Over Here" may never have come to fruition.

Thurston enjoys skiing, painting, and visiting his father's hippopotomous farm in the bahamas.

The youngest member of the group, Justin is famous for his smooth dance moves as well as his inimitable hot guitar licks. Girls like Justin because he takes off his shirt a lot in concert. Guys like Justin for the same reason, although they would never admit it. You see, Justin has several tenticled appendages protruding from his abdominal area, which he uses to play his seven-string, triple-neck, pear-shaped bass.

Justin likes taking fourteen-year-old girls back to his dressing room after concerts, and showing them his extensive collection of mamillian vertebrae. His favorite color is blue.

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